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DREI is entirely committed to safety. Safety is the foundation of our business because it protects employees, promotes high morale, increases productivity and prevents lost time. A safe work place is important not only for these reasons but also, most importantly, following safety precautions ensures that we are all able to go home to our families at the end of each day.

The company has a comprehensive written safety program, which is distributed to all employees, posted at jobsites, and available in our office in both electronic and hard copy format. Employees are required to abide by our safety program, and rewarded for doing so. Failure to comply with the DREI Safety Program may result in disciplinary action. All employees have a minimum of OSHA 10 Hour construction safety training, and most employees have well in excess of this minimum, including OSHA 30 Hour construction safety training and specific OSHA Subpart Training. Periodic safety meetings are held at our office, and at jobsites to identify possible safety hazards, mitigation of hazards, and to discuss changes in the industry and safety requirements. In addition, we employ an independent safety consulting company who assists us with safety training, preparation of safety plans, and performance of safety audits to assure compliance.

Our approach to safety has proven to be effective for the company. There is a high level of moral among our employees, and because of virtually non-existent accidents or injuries, productivity is high. We are proud to say that in 39+ years of business, we have had zero lost workdays because of accidents or injuries, and only a few injuries which required more than minor first aid treatment. This is reflected in our EMR and OSHA Incident Rates. Our current average Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) is (.84) and our current OSHA Incident Rate is 1.95.


~ABC Step Platinum Safety Award 2014
~ABC Step Platinum Safety Award 2015
~ABC Step Gold Safety Award 2016
~ABC Step Diamond Safety Award 2017
~ABC Step Platinum Safety Award 2018

~ABC Step Platinum Safety Award 2019

~ABC Step Platinum Safety Award 2020

~ABC Step Diamond Safety Award 2021

~ABC Step Diamond Safety Award 2022

~ABC Step Diamond Safety Award 2023

Our COVID-19 Measures and Response

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, DREI would like to assure our customers that the safety of our crews and all people that DREI employees may come into contact with is of upmost concern. We are following all guidance and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The health and safety of our crew is our number one concern and we will take the necessary measures to protect them. This includes providing all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and conducting daily Health Assessments.

COVID-19 Response
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