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DREI Supports Apprenticeship Programs

Del Rio Enterprises, Inc believes in investing in new employees. This is done by paying for 100% of the tuition to the ABC NM Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program. After completing ABC NM’s apprenticeship program, graduates receive certificate of completion from the State of New Mexico and the US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and are ready to succeed in the workforce. Here are more reasons why DREI supports apprenticeship programs:

Transfer Knowledge

Skills shortages and the retirement of experienced tradespeople create an urgent need to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next. Apprenticeship provides an opportunity to grow the future workforce, sustain the supply of highly skilled workers and pass along critical know-how.

Develop Future Leaders

Apprenticeship is a proven method of developing future workers, managers and mentors. As they develop their skills, apprentices become the core workforce. By getting to know your customers, equipment and procedures, apprentices are positioned to be future leaders and managers.

Reduce Turnover Employers who hire apprentices say a commitment to employee learning and career progression makes them an “employer of choice,” facilitating recruitment and retention at their companies. Investing in apprentices can ensure you have loyal employees who are committed to the organization.

Train to Your Needs Employers want highly skilled workers committed to the company’s success. Who better than a journeyman trained right in the company? In fact, employers cite a better fit with the organization as the most significant benefit of employing a journeyman they trained as an apprentice.

Enhance Productivity As apprentices progress in their programs, they make an increasing contribution to their workplaces, with the benefits outpacing investment in most trades by the end of the second year. A majority of employers consider a homegrown electrician up to a third more productive than an external hire.

Prepare for Technological Change The use of increasingly sophisticated equipment makes learning new skills, training on digital technology and ability to solve problems imperative. Not only are they open to learning, but young apprentices can bring an awareness of and comfort with technology to your team.

Attract New Opportunities Increasingly, governments are requiring involvement in apprenticeship training from their contractors. In much the same way as an apprenticeship program can enhance your reputation in the community, it may attract additional business or offer new opportunities to your company.

Take Advantage of Financial Benefits Employers who hire apprentices report financial benefits. For every dollar invested, employers receive an average return of a $1.50 within the scope of the apprenticeship. The net benefit ranges, depending on the trade, from $39,524 for cooks to $245,264 for heavy duty equipment mechanics.

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